Asset Protection Insurance

Asset Protection Insurance

Asset protection insurance, often called gap insurance, is one of the most logical, sensible investments you can make when you buy a car.

Here's how it works. If your car is written off, the insurance company will give you the market value at the time the incident occurred. This will, of course, generally be a lot less than you actually paid for it! That's bad enough, but if you were buying it on finance, you could easily find yourself with an outstanding balance to pay on a car you no longer have!

That's where GAP insurance comes in. As its name suggests, it covers the gap between the car's original ticket price and its market value. So, for example, if you paid £5,000 for the car, you'd get £5,000 back if it's written off - even if the insurance company says it's worth only, say, £2,000 at the time.

Your GAP insurance with us lasts for three years from when you pick your car up, and is available on any car. It's especially sensible if you're buying new or nearly-new, because you're covered when your car is likely to depreciate fastest.

You can take out three years' GAP insurance for a single, one-off payment of just £299, giving you total peace of mind for the equivalent just 28p per day.

We believe it's worth every penny: to find out more, please call 01903 892 224, email or ask a member of our sales team.